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Energy Certificates in Portugal

Energy Certificates in Portugal

It's now mandatory to obtain an Energy Efficiency Certificate prior to selling your property.

The Law Regarding Energy Certificates in Portugal

With effect from 1 December 2013 it is a legal requirement for any property in Portugal that is being commercially advertised for sale or rent to have an Energy Performance Certificate. Once issued an energy certificate is valid for 10 years. Failure to obtain an energy certificate can result in heavy fines for both the property owner and the agent so it is essential to have one done as soon as possible.

What does the energy certificate entail?

The aim of the energy certificate is to measure and grade a property's energy efficiency. A qualified architect or engineer will visit the property and assess it taking into account its construction materials, insulation, equipment (such as heating, air conditioning etc), location and sun exposure. They will then calculate its thermal efficiency and submit their findings to ADENE (the government energy agency). ADENE will issue a certificate grading the property A+ (top rating) to G (lowest rating). Buildings with a construction license issued prior to 2006 must have an energy certificate but are not required to meet any particular grade. Buildings with a construction license issued after 4th July 2006 must meet the standards of grade B or above. If your property is rated grade A or A+ this can translate into savings on your IMI or IRS taxes.

How to obtain an energy certificate

Energy certificate surveys can be carried out by suitably qualified and licensed architects or engineer. They will require copies of the land registration documents (Caderneta Predial Urbana and Certidão de Registo da Conservatória) and plans of the house. The habitation license, technical report (ficha technica) and if you have them the architect's project and insulation project are also useful but are non-essential. It takes ADENE approximately five days to issue the certificate upon receipt of the survey. Portugal Property Experts can put you in touch with a reputable, local company who will obtain the energy certificate on your behalf. Please contact us for more information on the costs of obtaining an energy certificate, prices can vary according to the size of your property.

If you have any queries regarding the requirements for energy certificates in Portugal please don't hesitate to contact us.


What is needed for the survey to be done?

Documents required:

  • Land Registry
  • Building Booklet
  • Housing Permit
  • Architect / Project Plans
  • Datasheet